Next Steps

SATs and ACTs

  1. Prepare for the March 21st SAT at KhanAcedemy.
  2. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, see Ms. Maureen in room 104 for your SAT and ACT fee waivers. (Note: You are only provided with 2 fee waviers for the SAT and 2 fee wavers for the ACT)
  3. Sign up for SAT on June 2nd and the ACT on June 9th.
  4. If you are currently taking an AP class or achieve honor roll in any particular subject, take the SAT IIs(Subject Tests) as well on May 5th.

More Collge Steps

  1. You must ask for two teachers to commit to writting your letters of reccomendation (pick up your reccomendation contracts outside of room 104)
  2. Go to Bottom Line and see if you qualify to apply for free 1-on-1 college application and financial aid help
  3. Create your Naviance account in order to organinze your college research and profile by accessing the Naviance Instructions for Students Guide

Advice from Seniors

"Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it."