First, take a deep breath.

Accounts and Tests

  1. Create a professional email account. You can use your HSTAT email!
  2. Create accounts on the College Board and ACT websites.
  3. Sign up for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT. (Fee Waivers are available for eligible students, who qualify for free or reduced lunch, in room 104.)

College Research

The best way to research schools is to visit them or speak with an admissions officer. No worries because you can ...

  1. Create your Naviance account in order to organize your college research and profile by accessing the Naviance Instructions for Students Guide.
  2. See the calendar below for a schedule of open houses, college trips, and admissions officers' visits to HSTAT.
  3. Review CUNY and SUNY Admissions Profile to preview the mean SAT and GPA of applicants attending SUNYs and CUNYs.
  4. Visit the College Board website's "Big Future" and explore the "At a Glance", "Majors & Learning Environment", "Campus Life", "Applying", and "Paying" tabs to see which colleges fits your interest and create a list of your top colleges.
  5. Click here to find out about fly in program

Applying to College

  1. Before applying to any schools, make sure you have 2 teachers who have committed to writing your recommendations"
  2. Write your personal statements!!!
  3. If you are applying to CUNYs, go to the CUNY Portal to create an account and complete the CUNY application.
  4. If you are applying to colleges that use the Common App, create an account with the Common Application.
  5. Send you SAT Scores! Instructions on how to send your SAT Scores can be accessed here!
  6. After applying for colleges, check your email frequently and follow up with the college to make sure that no document is missing.

Financial Aid

  1. Apply for an FSA ID. Both the student and a parent/guardian should make an FSA ID. If there is an older sibling in college who has filled out the then your parent already has an FSA ID.
  2. In order to receive Federal Financial Aid, everyone should make a FAFSA account.
  3. After completing the FAFSA, everyone should apply for New York State Financial Aid(TAP) if you are attending a school in New York State by making a NYSTAP account.
  4. Apply For Scholarships on Fast Web. Here is a list of scholarships that we know about with links and deadlines.
  5. Many, not all, schools require that you also complete a CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA. There is a list of schools that require the CSS profile that can be accessed here. If the school you are applying to requires a CSS Profile, apply for the CSS Profile through this specfic College Board Site.